Laundry Service


Bluebex Laundry Service

Laundry service is an integral part of the hospitality industry these days. there are number of luxurious hotels in which a number of travellers from all over the world come and stay. So they expect laundry service to be a part of the hotel services. World class laundry services are provided by many laundry service companies in Delhi. These companies have tied up with various five star premier hotels in Jamnagar and provide fast and smooth laundry services. A professional laundry service provider in Jamnagar always helps in many ways as laundry activities can be time consuming and these professionals can get it done within the given time period without much hassle in an organized manner.

    Following are the steps in the laundry service cycle:

  • 1. Picking Laundry From The Doorstep - They organize to collect dirty linen/garments from the institution’s premises as per their convenience, which will be transported to the centralized facility through the company’s customized vehicles. At the time of collection, proper marking shall be ensured at the institution premises so that all the collected linen and garments are returned in a timely and effective manner, thus minimizing errors.

  • 2. Washing Or Dry Cleaning - This is the stage in which the laundry is actually washed or dry cleaned according to the fabric and texture of the linen or garment.

  • 3. Packing - In this step, the processed linen is prepared for delivery. Individual orders are filled, based on the needs and requests of the laundry owners, and then sent to the laundry's main packing area which packs the linen using air tight packing to prevent the linen from coming in contact with any foreign matter.

  • 4. Delivery - In this step, manpower specially trained in both laundry operation and the principles of good customer service will transport the clean linen back to the customers in specially designed, customized delivery vehicles.

  • 5. To Conclude - This way professionals laundry services have been contributing towards the growth and development of the hospitality industry in the country while ensuring hygiene and cleanliness.